Agata Padol
Life II - 2019    31" x 39"   Acrylic on canvas
About Agata Padol
Square, stain, drop, something that is in space. My elements from which I build the picture are autonomous and sometimes they are close to each other and sometimes they are moving away from each other. I speak and think about the line, because the line and drawing determine my emotions and my decisions. And the themes of my paintings? Are everywhere. I can remember, I have been painting. When I was a little girl, I drew with crayons on the large cookbook belonging to my mother. I watched the world around me and felt that it is insufficient. I painted and drew what I was feeling. My parents sent me to an art school, where I could paint a lot and show my works. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. I was also learning drawing and painting, studying the works of the great masters. I loved Vincent van Gogh and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. In these artists’ works colour and line are showing the essence of the moment. I have always liked Andy Warhol, because of his experiments and sense of form. My works relate to nature. I observe the phenomena that surround me, but during drawing or painting, I am just trying to show the essence. The thing that is the most important in the exact moment. I focus on combining my emotions with images that I see. For me painting is a form of expression in which viewer must be invited. Colour stain and the line are instruments to revive a flat canvas with light and space, dynamics and emotions. I often combine abstract and figurative painting, I blur the background and the foreground detail, which may be the key, is seen. The view is transmuted into artistic value that stimulates or calms, cheers or focuses. On my paintings motion, wind, air and light also are contained. I want my every picture to live its own life, to have unique climate. I had many individual and group exhibitions, for example in New York, Rome, London, Warsaw or Cracow. Right now I am planning new exhibitions and working on another cycles, which I would like to show in Norway and the USA. My works are in museums, galleries and private collections in many countries. I hope I will be painting to the end of my life. It cannot be otherwise. Less

The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. She studied painting with Professor Peter C. Kowalski. Diploma 1992.
She has been a member of the Polish Artists Union since 2001.

November 17-30, Solo Exhibition "People" Oslo, Norway, Albin Art Gallery

Recently: November 17-30, Solo Exhibition "People" Oslo, Norway, Albin Art Gallery
1-6 Dec. 2015 1-6 Art Basel Miami Beach. Art Tour Internacjonal