Beatriz Markert
Panther Chameleon  20" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas / Mixed Media
Beatriz Makert (born Santivaņez Arteaga) was born in La Paz Bolivia on December 3, 1965.
She lived in her native country until she was 28 years old, she moved to live in Italy (Genova) until 2005 and since 2006 she works and lives in Germany.
Currently, she is an Educator.

Beatriz Markert is a Self-Taught Artist, who from her childhood showed artistic inclinations. She always maintained a great affection and dedication for the children and art, so she had the opportunity from very young to work for the rubric of the Newspaper "Goy" illustrating and dedicating a pages for the children.
In 1985 she was awarded a certificate of participation of the OEA-CCD "El Macaro" and the Pedagogical and Cultural Center "Portales" of the Universidad Mayor de San Simon in Bolivia for the learning of  “Design, Illustration and Book Making”
Between 1984-1993 the artist worked as an illustrator in Bolivia:
For projects of the UNICEF organization of child aid; SERPAJ of the aid organization of the "EPISCOPAL CONFERENCE of the Vatican, illustrating school books of Education; CEPROMU support organization for Agricultural and Nutrition projects; Projects of the Ministry of Education of Bolivia.

In Italy 1996, she participated in the "Life drawing" courses in "La Accademia delle Belle Arti" in Genoa to improve his anatomical knowledge.
In Germany she continue dedicating her time to paint, make portraits and sell her paintings.
She gave painting lessons for children as well for adults in Germany. She was part of the circle of painters "Color and Form in Johannis". Every year made an exhibition in Weinheim.
In 2009 she held an Exhibition "Two Women, two Worlds" in Weinheim organized by the Circle of Art Promoters.
The themes that appear in her works of art are the color of nature
The characteristics of this artist are the Reliefs, Structures and the Intense Colors of her paintings.
Throughout her artistic career the works of the artist, are acquiring different techniques with different means of painting in the same picture.
Her artistic influence was obtained of great European artists like Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt as well as the inspiration of the beauty of nature that she saw in different countries of the world. She states that the bright colors she uses in her paintings, gives her feeling of joy, positivism and freedom.
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