David Lindamood
Lava Marraige  13" x 10"  Mixed Media
I love classic Fine Art.  I can feel how it was the "Internet" of their time.  I follow today's artist advancing new styles, but I'm still very much doing the drawing painting old school - mostly because it's meditative. So I basically start with a blank canvas and work it out, looking at nothing, thinking of nothing of sort, a line, a shape, a feel of the random lines begins to formulate and I follow it, helping an image to emerge.  This is an active meditative merger of the day, the news, my feelings and my respect for fine art.  For me, my work is a Figurative-Surreal-Abstract-Expressionism.  I enjoy juxtaposing colors and having a sense f energy and movement coming in and out of the picture.  Pareidolia comes naturally, didn't know that was a thing until years after i was doing it in paint.  but that's a whole other topic...