Marcus Heard

 Wisdom  24" x 30" Oil on Canvas

Marcus DeWayne Heard was born on November 1st, 1981 in Brenham Texas. At the young age of 3, he moved to Washington, Texas with his family of 9. His first public appearance was in a fantasy Magazine at the age of 13. In which he had his art work published; this was also his first payed work. When he was 17 years old, he had his painting “Secrets of the Sky”, published in a hard-back book, which also made front cover; this painting was also displayed in San Francisco, California Art Museum with a plaque about him and his work.  He then moved to Arizona when he was 20 years old attending College to study Media Arts and Animation. Now living in back in Texas with his wife and four Children, He is studying to become an Ordained Pastor for Assembly of God Ministries, though Global University. His paintings are inspired by visions given by God to himself and his wife.  His Paintings carry a powerful message to all who see them. Marcus is also the creator of Ana-Stasis, a published graphic novel which is available online through Amazon.