DEADLINE: June 1, 2019
___ Yes, thanks for the information.
       I will handle everything for this invitational on my own.

___ Yes, $100 agency fee plus courier fees by NY Minute Messenger service
      for artwork delivery and pickup from the agency.  Artists can opt to send
      artwork directly to the gallery with return shipment label included.  Or deliver
      and pickup artwork to/from the gallery in person.
      Please make all arrangements for me which includes:

  1.        7 Feet of exhibition space.
  2.        Submit Promotional Materials (title,size, price, jpg images)
  3.        Video of opening reception by NYC gallery openings on YouTube.
  4.        Contract Signing
  5.        Payment of $475 exhibition fee.
  6.        0% Gallery or Agency Commission on sales.
       Ship artworks to: O'Delle Abney
       179 Est Third St. Suite 16, New York, NY 10009
___  No, not interested in this offer.

“A something in a summer's Day

As slow her flambeaux burn away

Which solemnizes me.”     – Emily Dickinson


TO INSURE YOUR PLACE IN THE INVITATIONAL SHOW, Please e-mail Ellen Bradshaw at that you wish to be in the show. Then send to Ellen Bradshaw, 100 Beekman St Apt 25N, NY, NY 10038 before JUNE 1st the title of each piece that you plan to enter in the show, together with the jpeg images, dimensions, and a check for $475 made to “Pleiades Gallery of Contemporary Art.”

Also include contact info – name, address, phone, email.

RECEPTION- SATURDAY, July 13, 2019  3-6 PM.

DELIVERY OF ARTWORKS- Sunday July 7 and Monday July 8 from 11-5  Please bring resume, photos, or other promotional materials mounted in plastic sleeves to fit in a three ring binder, which will be on the desk during the show.

If unable to hand-deliver your work, contact Mari Winterdale for shipping.

Mari Winterdale    212-734-4103

REMOVAL OF ARTWORKS – Sunday August 4 and Monday August 5 from 11-5 ACCESS TO GALLERY- Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 6pm. At all other times the outside door will be locked, therefore, on Monday or Sunday you must ring outside bell #9 to get into the building.

PREPARATION AND INSTALLATION OF ARTWORKS- Artworks should be fully prepared, wired for safe hanging and must meet professional standards. No saw tooth hangers will be accepted. All work must be available for the duration of the exhibition.

We have some pedestals for sculptures. Labels will be sent to fill out with name, title, medium, and price, for each piece of work. Attach with tape to front and back of each artwork.

THERE WILL BE APPROXIMATELY 7 HORIZONTAL FEET OF WALL SPACE FOR EACH ARTIST (allow for breathing space between works) It is Pleiades policy to NOT hang salon style stacked pieces, unless the pieces are small and part of a larger unit, at the discretion of the hanging committee. Works under glass only if hand delivered! if shipping work -plexiglass ONLY!

*Fee includes advertising - outside poster, Chelsea art map listings, postcards at gallery for pick up and email invites, reception, and all gallery sitting

Pleiades does not take a percentage on sale of artworks, and sales, negotiations and shipping arrangements are made directly between artist and customer only. PLEIADES will take every possible care of all artwork and assumes no responsibility for loss or damage.