Magazine dimensions are 11" x 9" and weighs 2 pounds 
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Special Offer:
All artists currently not under contract with WFA agancy, who list their name with us in the Art In American Annual Guide, will receive a front page link on for one year.  

 If you would like to be listed in the Art in America Annual Guide for 2015 / 2016
 please check the following options:

 ____  $30 for Name Listing - (Name only.  This is not an ad and does not contain pictures)
 ____  $30 per Copy of the Magazine US (Includes shipping and handling)
 ____  $40 per Copy of the Magazine Non-US (Includes shipping and handling)
 ____  Number of copies

 $ _______ Total 

Deadline: March 23, 2015

 ____  I do not want to participate.

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