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Website: http://www.adelanteartistsgallery.com/     Video Link: https://youtu.be/Lf73-kuAzUQ
Adelante Gallery is located in the heart of the famous Chelsea art district, on second floor of 25 West 31th Street creating important accent within creative space occupied by visual and performing artists, photographers, models, dance professionals, fashion designers and event planners. The gallery is frequented by art lovers looking to find and buy original artwork.
8 ft of exhibition space / 1 - 5 artworks / 2 week exhibition $400
Includes:  Exhibition Space - Help hanging the artwork - Sitters -  Opening Reception and PR - Designing and printing invitations (2,500) -  Catalogs (100) - Small Posters (20) - Gallery Guide and other gallery listings -  Online presence on gallery website - Online store through gallery website - YouTube Video coverage, NYC Gallery Opening Video Newsletter

Delivery of artwork to and from the gallery, responsibility of the artist.. 30% Commission on sales.  
Floor Plan