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____  Yes, I am interested in participating and will submit on my own.
____  Yes, I am interested in participating and would like the WFA
         agency to submit for me and follow up with responses.  
         $50 agency fee plus $35 submission fee.
____  Not interested in this offer.

5 DAYS till the DEADLINE :
December 2nd, 11:59pm

Guest Curators 

Sara Maria Salamone and Tyler Lafreniere (Founders/Directors Mrs.)

Deadline: December 2rd, 2017,11:59pm

All submissions will be considered for

  • The Winter exhibition
  • The accompanying Online Show
  • Solo Shows at Field Projects 
  • Group Shows at Field Projects
  • Art Fairs 
  • Off Site Exhibitions
  • Our Studio Visit program for NYC artists


Field Projects is pleased to announce our WINTER 2018 Open Call! Emerging and mid-career artists are invited to submit their work for consideration in our January-February 2018 exhibition: Show #47 put together by our Guest Curators: Sara Maria Salamone and Tyler Lafreniere of Mrs. All submissions will be considered for Show #47 and the accompanying online show. Simultaneously, Field Projects Panel will be considering the submissions for future group shows, solo shows, art fairs, off-site exhibitions and our studio visit program:

about 85% of the artists we have shown at Field Project are discovered through the open call process. 

Check out a few of our previous Open Calls; STRING THEORIES curated by Charlotte Mouquin (Director Rush Art Galleries), JULIE SPOKE SOFTLY UNDER HER LONG SKINNY NOSE curated by Paulina Bebecka (Director Postmasters Gallery). Here are a few other examples of what can happen with your submission: A NIGHT IN THE WOODS (solo show), HANDS ON (solo show), SOONEST MENDED (solo show), WAVE POOL (group show), SPRING/BREAK (art fair), VOLTA (art fair), SOFT ANIMAL (off-site exhibition), A SERIES OF MOVES (off-site exhibition).


Field Projects is an NYC-based project space located in the heart of Chelsea's gallery district. As an artist run space, we are committed to opening the field of exhibition opportunities to other working artists. Whether you have submitted to Field Projects before or it's your first time, we would love to see your work!

 Guest Curators:

Sara Maria Salamone and Tyler Lafreniere founded and co-direct Mrs., an artist run gallery located in Maspeth, Queens. The gallery presents contemporary exhibitions, engaging the community and offering a new platform for emerging, under represented and mid-career artists. Mrs. was recently featured in the New York Times, Artforum, the New Yorker and will be presenting at NADA Miami 2017.

Field Projects Panel:

Rachel Frank (Artist / Curator), Jacob Rhodes (Artist / Curator / FP Director), Kristen Racaniello (Curator), Alissa Polan (Curator/Artist), Katrina Slavik (Artist / Curator)