NO                       Abney, O'Delle
NO RESPONSE   Gottlieb, Sandra
NO                       Hanna-Foye, Tracy
NO RESPONSE    Jeon, Mae
NO                       Ten
NO RESPONSE    Trejo, Victor M.
NO RESPONSE    Uyama, Tami
YES                     van Eenoo, Cedric
Dear %FullName%:

Barbara Galazzo has been informed that there is not enough interest in the exhibition at Gallery 66 at the moment.


1.  The work has to be shipped from one location, that would be me. So if you don't have work in storage with me already you will have to send the work to me first and I will send out all the works all at once.  The gallery does not want to  handle multiple shipments from different artists that have to be shipped back to multiple addresses.
2.  If possible, make 1 box per artist, with the exception of those who have a large wall.
3.  Works should not be larger than 30" x 40".
3.  The works are insured during shipping and while in the gallery's possession.
4.  There will be an opening reception but attendance is not required.
Barbara wrote:

I am finalizing the schedule now so I will need a deposit of half now and the other half next month if you are still planning on having an exhibition. Also would need info on artists showing, either press release or bios/statements on work they are showing - along with a title for the show - as soon as possible so I can send it with my press to papers and magazines. 

Barbara Galazzo, Director

March 2016


        Wall / Feet / Price
____  A   16.0 - $650
____  B     7.0 - $300
____  C     7.0 - $300
____  D   16.0 - $650
____  E      8.0 - $350
____  F      4.0 - $250

Additional expenses:
  • Shipping to and from the gallery.
  • There may be repacking fees