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Below is a sample landingpage to sell current inventory for WFA agency artists.  I will create a promotional video to show front, back and various angles of the artwork so that the collector can get a better idea of what they are purchasing.  Artists who do not have artwork in stock can send works to be featured in the video.

The works can then be marketed via Facebook ads with reports of website traffic and sales.


___ Yes, I would like a promotional video created for select works in storage (no additional charge).
        Purchases can be made via PayPal online.  Shipping to collectors in the US are included in my price.
        Outside the US, shipping is a separate expense of the buyer.
        ___ I will be shipping artwork to the agency to make the video. (verify size and amount before sending).               

___  I agree to run a Facebook marketing campaign of $5 per day for ___ weeks with the option of continuing
         at any time.  
        ___ I will run the ads myself with 15% commission going to the agency to handle the sales.
        ___ I want the agency to run the campaign for me with 30% going to the agency.

___  Not interested in this offer.


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179 East Third Street, Suite 16
New York, NY 10009
Phone: 646-539-9622
Email: info@worldfineart.com
Website: http://worldfineart.com
Agent: O'Delle Abney
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David Lindamood

I was drawing before I could write or read. So, drawing is my first language. Once I began
reading and writing I enjoyed this as well. First as a cartoonist, the disciplines merged. I
learned to observe and paint through the typical college courses, but once I started studying
art history,

I purposefully moved away from painting observed objects. My theory was the camera and movies were doing that already. Early on was depicting people as things as realistically as possible from my minds-eye.

Later I started to play between figurative representation and the geometric. I think of my work as Figurative-Surreal-Abstract. I enjoy juxtaposing colors and having a sense of energy and movement

Free Shipping US / Separate Shipping Cost non US