PAUL KOLKER collection
511 West 25th Street New York, NY 10001  212.367.7300 Office  516.459.8700 Cell
by World Fine Art Agency Artists -  Curated by O'Delle Abney
December 2 - 4, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 3rd - 6 - 8 pm
New York, New York, December, 2015 - O'Delle Abney, guest curator presents the group exhibition, Contemporary Visions from December 2 - 4 at the PAUL KOLKER collection.  The opening reception is Thursday, December 3rd from 6-8 PM.  Artists include: Cedric van Eenoo, Gilbert Adjibade, Mae Jeon,
O'Delle Abney, Prajwol Silwal, Ten, Tami Uyama, Tracy Hanna-Foye, Victo M. Trejo.

The Contemporary Visions Exhibition represents the members of the World Fine Art Agency who represent artists from around the world, of different ethnic background and world perspectives.  Each artist is a seasoned professional with an extensive exhibition history and works in prominent collections worldwide.

Individual Artist Statements / Comments:
Cedric van Eenoo:Cedric van Eenoo is an artist, musician, filmmaker and professor. He is affiliated with SciArt Center of New York City; Manhattan Graphics Center; Brooklyn Arts Council and the Artists Rights Society New York. His art is exhibited at the Hammond Museum; Brooklyn Art Library; Katonah Museum of Art; Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Pelham Art Center; Yorktown Museum; Queens College Art Library; Pratt Fine Arts Institute; Brickton Art Center; NAU Art Museum; Rochester Contemporary Art Center; Artotheque of Montreal; Artcomplex Center of Tokyo; Hong Kong Visual Arts Center. Cedric van Eenoo is represented by Tokyo Art Gallery and World Fine Art Gallery in New York City.
Gilbert AdjibadeArt is my passion, I started painting since I was a child. The calligraphy has inspired me in my daily painting and allowed me to be more focus on nature.  I am a very calm, patient and an observer of the greatest joy of mother nature which make me feel happy and also give me the power to paint whatever I see.  Overall, Henri Rousseau and some other naive painters are those talented painters that influenced my work.
Mae Jeon:My artwork is a combination of intuition and discovery within the digital medium. By combining floral images within synthetic environments, I transform an emotional and spiritual vocabulary to a pictorial image. I enjoy work with abstract images that looks familiar as if it evokes my subconscious feelings and emotions. My artistic goal is to explore this versatile digital technology to achieve magnificent beauty. I hope that my images can inspire joy and peace, and elicit an enlightening spiritual experience to the viewers.
O'Delle Abney:Starting with graduate school at Carnegie-Mellon University, I have always been strongly influenced by color field painters, like Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Lewis, Larry Poons, Paul Jenkins and the like.  This lead to a number of series throwing paint, which let paint do what it does naturally and learning to dialogue with the paint in a mutual understanding of being natural on the journey to discovering ones own uniqueness.
Prajwol Silwal"Photography to me is a medium to express my inner self. The beauty is in the finding of yourself as part of the story within an image you create and I cherish that moment. I admire the works of all the great photographers around the world, who always inspire me for the better image with every click."
Ten:The paintings of the last decades focus mainly on biomorphic and geomorphic phenomena, evolutionary forces, and the propagational drives that form the basis of our existence.  Ultimately, my mind, my eyes, and my hands are merely instrumental in producing this work. In spite of knowing better, I do frequently experience the sensation that the work is not created by me, but through me. My art has a chance for limited survival, but I know my body does not.”
Tami Uyama:Art is what I cannot live without for me. Because art makes me grow and tells me the truth. Through the process of making a painting as art, I believe that I’ve made myself. When I start to draw a painting and face a painting, the painting never allows me to escape from the truth that I draw a painting even in difficult times. By drawing a painting, I saw myself and faced myself, and I was taught gaining an insight into life and the truth that there was.
Tracy Hanna-Foye:My Heaven and Earth Series of paintings are inspired by my beautiful parents. They are in Heaven with God now and are lighting my way. We strive to find who we are and why we are here on Earth. We look for love and peace. The colors of my paintings are inspired by the Old Master's landscapes. My brush style is free and represents the freedom we all have to choose our journey and final destination.
Victor M. Trejo:Thought I didn’t discover my pictorial vocation but until the late age of the 27 years, my aesthetic sensibility remained deeply marked at 18. A strong spiritualcrisis combined with roused readings of Shakespeare, Goethe, Whitman and Victor Hugo, carried me to discover through aesthetic experience, the existence of a new world of vast and transcendent significations.