Edith Suchodrew
New Millenium . New ways . History.
Born in Eupatoria , I - Edith Suchodrew , have finished 1971 the middle school of arts by Latvian Academy of Arts in Riga, Latvia, and 1981 graduated the Latvian Academy of Arts as Graphic Artist / Diploma Free Fine Art / .

Since 1991 - I live and work in Aachen  / Germany.
Liberty, self - fulfilment in the ideas, in the poems , in the art.  Cooperation , being together. Poetries and pictures.
Since 1985 Member of Artist Union of the USSR and Latvia .
Since 1999 Member of Art Addiction Medial Art Association ( AAMAA ).

I , Edith Suchodrew , since 1982 have represented me in different Mediens .
Since 1974 Participation in more than  290 Exhibitions , incl. 63 Personal Exhibitions.  Works from me are in the ownership from Museums and private owners in many countries.  New ways , new exhibitions , new expression in the art .
Painting, graphic, Computergraphic, Computergraphic painting art .
Independence in the expression, in the phrase, independence in the forms, in the life.  Life. Freedom. Art.

Edith Suchodrew / Diploma Free Fine Art.

Today the artist Edith Suchodrew represents herself with Computergraphic paintings.  These pictures are unusual. Edith Suchodrew has a long, determined, and very creative way in art behind her.  In the course of time and her artistic activities she always developed in many directions of art . The writer Boris Pasternak wrote in his novel "Doctor Schiwago":  The art always stands in the service of the beauty, but a beauty is the luck of the form control, the form is again the organic key in order to be, all living person must have his form, to be ... " and further : " The progress in the art is defeated by the law of the attraction.... " 
Edith underlines a symbolic metaphor in her pictures: passion and self-confidence, colour and joy in life. In so far as can the pictures also deeper interpret. 
The Computergraphic painting from Edith Suchodrew  are extremely brilliant, expensive und filigree formed short stories.

Doris Suchodrew / Diploma Biologist - Physiologist